Noor Agha Noori

Mr. Noori did M.Phil. in Archaeology from Hazara University, Pakistan. After his studies he worked with different International Archaeological teams like Italian Archaeological Mission and British Archaeological team. He started his career with Archaeology Institute of Afghanistan as a Field Archaeologist at Mes Aynak Archaeological site in Logar Province of Afghanistan. In 2012 he joined National Museum of Afghanistan as Assistant Curator and later served National Museum as Acting Chief curator. Beside other duties at National Museum, Mr. Noori play a key role in organizing the International Exhibitions on Bactrian Treasure and Mes Aynak objects. He did a key role in Database cataloging, labeling of the antiquities and outreach program for school boys.

Mr. Noori worked as Head of Excavation department of Archaeology Institute of Afghanistan (AIA) and Field Director of Mes Aynak Archaeological Project (MAAP).

As a field director he worked professionally and had good achievements in the field. He introduce new and advance Archaeological excavation and recording system for Mes Aynak site. Currently Mr. Noori is working as a Director of Archaeology Institute of Afghanistan. He also performing duties as Director of Archaeology Committee of Afghanistan. He is also the board member of India-Afghanistan Foundation (IAF). He has represented Afghanistan in different academic national and International conferences and workshops. He wrote various articles about Afghanistan Cultural Heritage. These articles includes, “Mes Aynak; Recent Archaeological Excavation along the silk route “and “Museums as an Instruments of Cultural Heritage Preservation”.